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web links and thanks to the organisations involved in the project

a partnership between an artist, fruit growers, jam makers and nutrition scientists

Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Oxford, UK:

Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism

Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition, University of Reading, UK:

Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition

National Fruit Collection, Brogdale Farm, Faversham, Kent, UK:

Brogdale Collections

National Fruit Collection, University of Reading

Fruit Advisory Services Team

New Park Farm and shop, Groombrigde, Kent, UK:

New Park Farm

New Park Farm Shop

Wilkin & Sons, Tiptree, Essex, UK:

Tiptree farms

Wilkin &Sons, Tiptree, Essex, UK:

Tiptree preserves

Bulgarian Pestil:

What is Pestil by Margarita Stoyanova, who is featured on this website

the Slow Food Foundation: Pestil

Dr. Rayna Stoyanova, nutritionist

an article about Pestil on Gabrovo News

Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

Museum of East Anglian Life

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most FRUIT FULL exhibitions were cancelled during 2020 and 2021.

Many thanks to everyone without whom this project would not have happened.

Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism:
Leanne Hodson, Anne Clark, Siôn Parry, Katherine Pinnick, Elspeth Johnson, Pippa Gunn, Thomas Cornfield, Amy Barrett, Matthew Hutchinson, Catriona Charlton, Louise Dennis, Rachel Craven-Todd, Rachel Franklin and the studies volunteers

Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition, University of Reading:
Julie Lovegrove, Kelly Jarrett, Esra Bozbas, Ezgi Ozen, Thanasis Koutsos, Matt Grout and the studies volunteers

Focus groups participants, including:
Janet Hastie, Helen Palmer, Robert Palmer, Robert Brittain, Jessica Mendall, Matthew Hutchinson, Iona Davies

The National Fruit Collection, Brogdale Farm, Faversham, Kent:
Lorinda Jewsbury, Penny Hale, Nigel Baker, Joe Tingey, Matthew Ordidge, Tim Biddlecombe, Mark Botting, Katie Hunt, Karen Hills, Andy Leppenwell, everyone at FAST and Brogdale Farm

New Park Farm, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent:
Michael Bourne, everyone on the farm and in the farm shop

Wilkin & Sons, Tiptree, Essex:
Chris Newenham, Daniel Waskett, Andrey Ivanov, Vlado Yakubov, Veselin Ivanov, Tracy Warren, Hristina Williams, Lesley Heard, Trevor Humphries, everyone on the Tiptree farm and in the factory

Irina Shalamandova, Elitsa Maksimova, Margarita Stoyanova, Eli Petrova, Beti Dimitrova and everyone at the Pestil demonstration

Museum of East Anglian Life:
Lisa Harris and everyone on the team

Fruit Full, the exhibition, is the identical twin of this project’s website, with one major, fundamental difference: You can enjoy it in a real, physical space, surrounded by objects which are bigger than yourself and speak directly to you. Each one is unique and there to welcome you in person.

You can meet the fruits, the stars of the show, in the flesh, with their personalities filling up the space and following you around.

You can sit down and learn about the history of sugar and the work of nutrition scientists from books lovingly hand made by the artist. There, if you wish, you can also discover the work of fruit farmers through the seasons.

You can spend time eavesdropping on a focus group chatting about what people ate as children, all these years ago, whilst you walk around the installations, pondering over their meaning, wanting to touch them but knowing you shouldn’t.

And hopefully, by the end, you will understand why it is that most of us like sugar so much. But above all, you will know that seeing art in the flesh, in a real space, will always win over dipping fleetingly into a webpage...

Fruit Full was due to be exhibited in several venues during 2020 and 2021, including in museums, art galleries and hospitals. Most shows were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a venue and are interested in the project, please contact us at

The two images below show the exhibition at the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.

Museum of East Anglian Life

Museum of East Anglian Life

Museum of East Anglian Life

Museum of East Anglian Life

Françoise Sergy lives in London. She also spends a lot of time in Cambridge, UK, where her partner lives, and in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, the country she is originally from. She is both an artist and a gardener. For many years she worked as a dance and performance artist, developing her own practice through the prism of feminist aesthetics. Photography has always played an important role in her work.

At the age of 40 she fell in love with plants and trained as a gardener. Plants are now her main focus. Working part-time as an artist means that her projects take a long time to come to fruition but she doesn’t mind. She enjoys the scientific grounding horticulture has given her, using it as another tool in her creative process. Her aim is to work with scientists to reveal how important plants are in our everyday life, even if we are not aware of this, and to celebrate them.

Fruit Full was conceived, researched and produced by artist Françoise Sergy, in partnership with scientists and fruit growers.

The exhibition is looking for venues: For more information, please contact the project at:

All the images on this page are available as prints: £40 / €50 for an A4 print, £50 / €65 for an A3 print (plus postage costs). To order, please contact the artist at

Françoise Sergy has her own website with information about her past and current artwork:

Links to the project’s partners and thanks to everyone involved are on the Links Page